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Notice Board

Issue Year Department
List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 29-Nov-2022Accounts Financial statements for the quarter ended 30th September, 2022
2 24-Nov-2022Administration Regarding to information of Shri Sunil kumar , then AEE , ESSD Sarairanjan , vide O.O no : 1435 memo no-1180 dated-24-11-2022
3 23-Nov-2022Administration Information Regarding Shri Rishikesh Kumar singh EEE(STF) vide resolution no : 768 memo no-769 dated-23-11-2022
4 23-Nov-2022Administration Regarding to the Biometric Attendance for HQ vide OO no 1429 , memo no: 297 dated 23/11/22
5 23-Nov-2022Administration Regarding to allegation against Shri Rajendra kumar Paswan , then Acct. Assistant , ESSD farbishganj vide O.O no : 1430 memo no-494 dated-23-11-2022
6 21-Nov-2022Human Resource Regarding deputation of AE Civil to NHIDCL vide Notification no. 549 memo no 550 dated 21.11.2022
7 11-Nov-2022Administration Regarding Suspension of Sri Pradeep Kumar, Deputy Secretary , vide Office Order No. 1356 and Memo No. 282 Dt. 11/11/2022
8 18-Oct-2022Administration Information Regarding Shri Mukund Mohan Das JEE vide memo no-1068 dated-18-10-2022
9 17-Oct-2022Administration DP Oder Regarding Shri Vimal Kumar Saha, jee vide dated 17/10/22
10 07-Oct-2022Administration Regarding guidelines for Biometric System vide BSPHCL Notification no. 199 dated 07.10.2022
11 30-Sep-2022Human Resource Regarding URJA In-door Games Championship-2022
12 30-Sep-2022Accounts Financial Statements FY 2021-22
13 30-Sep-2022Accounts Financial Statements for the quarter ended 30th June, 2022
14 23-Sep-2022Administration Regarding Transfer & Posting of EEE & AEE under NBPDCL vide Notification no 451-457 Memo no. 458 dated 23.09.2022
15 23-Sep-2022Administration Regarding CLUSTER WISE work distribution under RDSS Scheme under NBPDCL vide O.O.No 1091 Memo no. 459 dated 23.09.2022
16 21-Sep-2022Administration Re-assigned work of Chief Engineer vide O.O.No- 1068, Memo No- 443, Dt-21.09.2022
17 16-Sep-2022Accounts Quarterly Accounts (Provisional) at 6month ending, 9 month ending and 12 month ending of North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited
18 02-Sep-2022Administration Information Regarding Shri Sunil Kumar AEE vide memo no-901dated-02-09-2022
19 02-Sep-2022Administration Information Regarding Shri Chandrakant JEE vide memo no-902dated-02-09-2022
20 30-Aug-2022P&E Department vide LT no: 215 dt: 29/08/22 Debarment of M/s Navodit Projects Pvt. Ltd., Darbhanga form participation in all future tenders of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies till completion of new 33/aa kv pss in various dist. of north bihar.