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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 22-Aug-2019Administration Regarding functioning of newly created ESD, Simri Bakhtiyarpur vide Office Order No. 1947 and Memo No. 313 Dt. 22/08/2019
2 16-Aug-2019Administration Regarding Training of Employees for Cyber Security Awarness Vide Memo No. 146 Dt. 16/08/2019
3 16-Aug-2019Administration Regarding Schedule for Training of employees for Cyber Security Awareness Vide Office Order No. 2051 and Memo No. 145 Dt. 16/08/2019
4 14-Aug-2019Administration Regarding Regular Pay scale of AEEs Vide Notification No. 304 and Memo No. 305 Dt. 14/08/2019
5 08-Aug-2019Administration Regarding Nomination of Sri Kumar Prasant ESE Project-1 (Urban) as a Nodal Officer vide Office Order No. 1899 and Memo No. 300 Dt. 08/08/2019
6 01-Aug-2019Administration Regarding Suspension of Sri Sujeet Kumar JEE Electric Supply Section KusheshwarSasthan Darbhanga(Rular) vide Office Order No. 1865 and Memo No. 203 Dt. 01/08/2019
7 30-Jul-2019Administration Regarding attachment of officers under 1912 Monitoring cell vide Office Order No. 1847 and Memo. No. 275 Dt. 30/07/2019
8 30-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Suspension of Sri Chandra Mohan Prasad, Assistant, ESD, Hajipur Vide Office Order No. 1853 and Memo No. 185 Dt. 30/07/2019
9 26-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Modification of Office Order No.893 Dt. 16/06/2017 vide Office Order No. 1831 and Memo No. 268 Dt. 26/07/2019
10 26-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Nodal Officer for 1912 Monitoring Cell Vide Offcie Order No. 269 and Memo No. 270 Dt. 26/07/2019
11 19-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Suspension of Sri Jitendra Kumar AEE ESSD, Madhaura vide Office Order No. 1755 & Memo No. 252 Dt. 19/07/2019
12 12-Jul-2019Administration Regarding deputation of Officers to Electric Supply Division, Siwan vide O.O. no. 1684 memo no. 233 dated 12.07.2019
13 11-Jul-2019Human Resource Regarding catering of MRT related works under ESD, Khagaria vide Office Order No. 1671 Memo No. 227 dated 11/07/2019
14 02-Jul-2019Administration Prosecution against Sri Jaynandan Kumar, then JEE, ESS, Telpa, Chapra(Urban) Vide Office Order No. 1584 and Memo No. 379 Dt. 02/07/2019
15 02-Jul-2019Administration Prosecution against Sri Saroj Kumar, then Correspondence Clerk, ESD, Chapra(West) Vide Office Order No. 1582 Dt. 02/07/2019
16 29-Jun-2019Administration Regarding Suspension of Sri Radheshayam Kumar JEE Muraliganj(North) Madhepura vide Office Order No. 1567 & Memo No. 375 Dt. 29/06/2019
17 29-Jun-2019Administration Regarding Termination of Contract of Sri Parasnath Prasad Retd. Account Assistant HQ Vide Office Order No. 1570 & Memo No. 137 Dt. 29/06/2019
18 01-Jun-2019Administration Regarding Salary of New recuited JEE vide Office Order No. 1424 & Memo No. 96 Dt. 01/06/2019
19 08-May-2019Administration Regarding suspension of Sri Jaynandan Kumar, JEE Telpa Chapra(W), Vide Office Order No. 1334 & Memo. No. 176 Dt. 08/05/2019
20 25-Apr-2019Administration Regarding Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Shri Amrendra Kumar, Security Guard (Contract) ESSD Sonepur