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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 25-Oct-2018Administration तदनुसार श्री मथुरा प्रसाद भगत ,विद्युत कार्यपालक अभियानता ,केंद्रीय भंडार ,मोतिहार को एक वार्षिक वेतन वृद्धि पर संचयात्मक प्रभाव से रोक का दंड प्रदान द्वारा विभागीय ज्ञाप संख्या १२९९ दिनांक २४-१०-२०१८
2 17-Oct-2018Administration कार्यालय अवधि उपरांत सम्बंधित इलेक्ट्रिकल उपकरण बंद करने हेतु आदेश
3 16-Oct-2018Administration Deputation and permission to leave Headquarter for participating in the cultural programme on the eve of foundation day vide office order No.- 1966 dated- 16/10/2018
4 16-Oct-2018Administration Regarding emergency control room on the eve of Durga Puja vide office order no- 1968 dated- 16/10/2018
5 03-Oct-2018Administration Regarding Emergency Control Room to co-ordinate the activities of the field and the HQ during Manav Bal Strike with effect From 6 A.M. on 04.10.2018 Vide Memo No. 1272 Dated 03/10/2018
6 03-Oct-2018Administration Regarding Strike cell constituted consisiting of following officers Vide Memo No. 1274 Dated 03.10.2018
7 28-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding Corrigendum of office order no. 1838 dated 27.09.2018 vide memo no 1195 dated 28.09.2018
8 13-Sep-2018Administration सेवानिवृत कर्मियों का लंबित सेवोत्तर लाभों का निष्पादन हेतु पेंशन अदालत पत्रांक 826 दिनांक 13.09.2018
9 11-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding posting of Assistant vide office order No 1713 memo no 555 dated 11.09.2018
10 11-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding posting of JAC vide office order No 1715 memo no 556 dated 11.09.2018
11 07-Sep-2018Administration Regarding participation in selection trial for volleyball team on 12.09.2018 from 08:00 AM onwards
12 07-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding BERC tariff and Nodal officer vide office no 1691 and memo no 1105 dated 07.09.18
13 06-Sep-2018Human Resource Regarding information of team for the status of Spot Billing and Bill distribution vide office Order No 1681 memo no 1103 dated 06.09.2018
14 01-Sep-2018Human Resource Sanction order regarding vehicles for the use of Rconductioring work by AEE(Maintenace) Order No.- 1665 and memo no- 505 dt- 01.09.20182018
15 31-Aug-2018Administration Regarding electric and civil maintenance of Power sub stations.
16 08-Aug-2018Administration Regarding Hon'ble Chief Minister Programme on 10.08.2018
17 07-Aug-2018Administration Sanction of advance Payment to newly recruited AEE vide office Order No.- 1540 and memo no- 978 dt- 07.08.2018
18 07-Aug-2018Administration Sanction of advance Payment to newly recruited AE(Civil) vide office Order No.- 1538 and memo no- 655 dt- 07.08.2018
19 04-Aug-2018Human Resource Regarding posts are further being created in Muzaffarpur district tottal- 3 ESD,s & 9 ESSD and 27 ESS vide O.O.No.-1515, Memo No-667, Dt- 04.08.18
20 21-Jul-2018Human Resource Regarding Sr. Manager posting vide Notification No-474, Memo No- 475 dated- 21.07.2018